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Gong Stands28 January 2011, 19:32 UTC

If someone had asked me what I'd be doing a year ago, I would almost certainly not have said, "Building custom gong stands", but that's what I've been doing. Here are some pictures of the stands I've made. If you're interested in buying a gong or a stand, check out Gongs Unlimited's site.


A Wooden Band Saw3 November 2010, 23:50 UTC

Not only is it a band saw for cutting wood; it's also a band saw made out of wood!

Front view of my saw at the current stage of completion:

Crokinole23 May 2010, 3:26 UTC


In my quest for interesting games I could build at home, I ran across a reference to a game similar to billiards or snooker, but played on a smaller table using sliding discs in place of balls. It looked like fun to build (and to play) so I set about building one, based on the free plans available at Wood Gears (thanks, Matthias!!!).

Mah Jongg, Anyone?15 February 2010, 1:33 UTC

I've never played. I don't even know all of the rules. But I ran across a web page about it recently, and became somewhat fascinated with it. Fascinated enough, in fact, to embark on engraving my own set of tiles. Sure, anybody can go slap down $80 or $100 at Toys'r'Us for a set of plastic Mah Jongg tiles, but what fun is that?

Tandy Computers 1978 Catalog21 January 2010, 5:37 UTC

I've been meaning to get this scanned and posted for fellow "classic computer" buffs to enjoy, and I finally got around to it today. It's the Tandy Computers 1978 catalog, containing photos and information for dozens of different computer systems and peripherals available from Tandy at that time. Enjoy.

P.S. - It's about a 656MB file, so I'd recommend a fast connection! There's a "reduced size" version which is best suited for viewing. It's about 55MB and is available here.

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