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I was going through my morning ablutions this morning when, to my astonishment, I suddenly beheld a sign from His Noodliness, the FSM! To my wondering eyes there appeared on the cover of the old NEC laptop next to the sink (What? You don't surf from the throne...? Luddite!) an unmistakable sign that we should all run the GNOME desktop manager. As we had been using IceWM, I fell to my knees and humbly begged forgiveness, tears of shame and joy mingling with the toothpaste foam speckling my beard. Let this serve as a warning to you - turn from the path of the GNOMEless. Turn to the Light of GNOMEishness, blessed be His Holy Toes! For the FSM is the One True God, and GNOME is His Prophet! Forever and ever, Ramen!