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One of our cats, Squirt , was really concerned about something outside the window a couple of nights ago. Usually it's something like a bug, and she loses interest pretty quickly. This was different, though; she kept staring up and running back and forth trying to get a good look at whatever it was, so I finally had to go outside and investigate.

Here's what I found:

This crazy frog had somehow climbed up the side of the house and up the window to a spot about 10 feet off the ground after the bugs that were attracted to the light inside. Although it looks like he's sitting on a mullion, he's actually just hanging on the glass. The simulated mullions are between the inside and outside panes. He was gone the next day, but even more to my surprise, he was back the following night, in the same exact spot! Hope he got some good bugs; he certainly worked hard enough for them.

Take me to your leader!

Squirt eventually figured out what all the bright flashes outside were about. I don't think she was amused...