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Not only is it a band saw for cutting wood; it's also a band saw made out of wood!

Front view of my saw at the current stage of completion:

Based on Matthias' plans from http://www.woodgears.ca, I've been building a 16" band saw which is made almost exclusively of wood, with the exception of the blade, a few bearings, the motor, and some screws. It's already functional to the point I've been using it to cut out parts for itself, and it works great. Matthias is a mechanical genius who has created all kinds of things, predominantly from wood, and this band saw is no exception. Check out the pictures and articles on his site at www.woodgears.ca Next up is the enclosure to make the saw safe and pretty, and the mobile stand to raise it to a comfortable height to use. It's a sweet piece of equipment!

Back view:

Beginning on the enclosure pieces now.

01-28-11 Update

I finished the saw enclosure several weeks ago, and have been getting lots of use out of the saw since then. It seems like a really good design, and is very solid to use. I've been experimenting with using different kinds of blades, and have already used it to make a couple of puzzles, a couple of band saw boxes, five tabletop gong stands, and two big floor-standing gong stands. I added a speed control, an industrial foot switch, and a 3-way toggle so I can either just turn it on with the switch, or I can set it to only run when I step on the foot switch, which is really nice for doing intricate cuts; you don't have to let go of the work piece to stop and start the saw. I've very pleased with it, if you couldn't tell... XD