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Due to some interest from a gentleman with a HERO robot on YouTube recently, I've dragged out my stash of HERO-1 paraphernalia and started scanning bits that he's looking for. I decided that since others might be looking for some of it, I might as well make a blog entry to attach it to, rather than just files and URLs. I'll try to update this post as I scan more content. I bought one fully-working and one partially-working HERO1 at a local community college auction a number of years ago (that number being more than 20). And since it was a college, they'd bought every option available, including arms for both of the robots, all the manuals and schematics, chargers, and a Heathkit/Zenith "Robotics and Industrial Electronics" course in a big 3-ring binder (much easier to scan than the bound manuals!). In addition to the assembly manual, user manual, and technical manual, I have the "Voice Dictionary" which is mostly a bunch of words spelled phonetically so you can program the robot to say them, however there *is* a section that lists a bunch of built-in phrases stored in the onboard ROM, so I'll make that available as well. Enjoy!

Robotics and Industrial Electronics p.10-54/10-63
Programmer's Information Sheet
Built-In Voice Synthesizer Phrases